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Fortnite: Battle Royale is all about survival. Players are challenged to eliminate other users with the goal of being the last one standing in each match. Fellow player Harry A.K.A Harry Vibes has been playing through the game for over 2 years.

Harry Vibes

1) Over 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube

2) Over 1500 Wins in the game of Fortnite

3) Epic Games Partner for the Support a Creator

4) Wins and Placements in the Fortnite Competitive

5) Earnings from Tournaments through Fortnite

6) UI/UX Designer for Epic Games “Refer a Friend” website.

It’s all about Epic

I’d thanks Epic Games for creating literally the best game that I have been continuedly playing for over 2 years. Every season is filled with Excitement. And working with the Epic team in internship has teach me a lot of things and has gained work experience.

What about Friends?

I love to make friends and have fun with them! If you’re just like me and you want to add me on Fortnite do so by adding my Epic Games name “Harry Vibes”. In the heat of Battle we accompany each other and get the #1 Victory Royale.

If you would like to tell me anything that you have on your mind you can email me and I will have a look at your message.

Email: epic@harryvibes.com

Thank You for Stopping By.

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